About me
I'm currently a Neuroscientist at the US Army Research Laboratory, and I rarely ever update this site. Please see my LinkedIn profile for updates....and, eventually, I'll update this when I'm inspired.

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A short summary
As a cognitive neuroscientist, stated broadly, I ascribe function to brain matter. I have integrated current neuroimaging techniques (measuring blood flow, electrical activity, or injected electrical activity into brain) with behavioral measures to challenge existing theories of functional processing of specific brain regions, and developed a research program that uses innovative strategies and converging measures to answer critical questions that are foundational to the field of cognitive neuroscience as a whole. The research program I developed involves summarizing whole-brain networks (constrained by the nature of biological systems) using novel analytical approaches and attempting to understand the cognitive processes (e.g., attention, visual perception, decision making, motor control) coincident with modulations within these networks.